Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I think this is one of the biggest fruits of the Spirit that God is working on in me as a mom.  I am realizing just how difficult it can be to show patience toward my son when he throws a temper tantrum out in public, or at home, or in the car, or where ever else we may be:)  As my mom and mother in law have often said our hardest days are our biggest learning days and I feel like Noah and I are having a lot of those lately.
The parent child relationship I get to have with Noah is such a reminder of my relationship with the Lord.  When I don't get my way how do I respond to God?  Do I kick and scream and throw a tantrum or do I trust and follow where my Heavenly Father is leading me?  I see how my son struggles with his emotions because he cannot yet fully communicate to me what he wants and doesn't understand all that I tell him.  What a picture of my relationship with God!  I do not fully understand His thoughts for they are much higher than mine.  It makes it difficult at times to line up to His will because of my lack of understanding and trust.
What a reminder when I am constantly having these types of interactions with my son to pause and remember my relationship with our God and the patience and love He has for me.  It reminds me to show that to my children as He continues to bestow it on me.

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John Brickner said...

Patience has its rewards. I didn't always walk in it but I now get to see the rewards. You are both great parents and we're proud of you. Dad