Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break!

So sad that we don't have the same Spring break:(  Mine is this week, and Nicks is next week.  However, since my 25th falls at the end of the week, my wonderful husband is taking Thursday and Friday off of school and we are going to Las Vegas to celebrate!!  It will be a fun birthday to remember, especially because we are going to see The Blue Man group!  I can't wait!!!   I will definitely post pictures of our fun trip in my next blog.  
Other new news...not much else going on actually.  We are continuing to prepare for India, and have a long book list to be reading as we prepare!!  
Good news about Nicks Job.  The Azusa district took back all the pink slips given out about a month ago, so it looks like Nick has a secure job with Azusa next year.  
That is about it for an update with us, more to come soon!