Monday, December 29, 2008

Mammoth and 3 years!

Nick and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Mammoth for the past few days with our friends the Hoovers and the Weavers.  We stayed in an amazing condo, and had a great time sledding, watching movies, snowboarding 
and hanging out!  It was such a relaxing time to get away from the busyness of life, and spend some quality time with good friends!  Snowboarding in Mammoth kills snowboarding at both Mountain High and Big Bear!  We had such a great time, and I got to use my new snowboarding jacket Nick got me for Christmas!!  

Today 12/29 is our 3 year mark of being together (dating), and we of course have to celebrate by going back to where it all started...good ole' BR: Baskin Robbins that is.  Nick asked me to be his girlfriend there, took me there for our one year, and asked me to marry him there so it of course holds a special place in our hearts!  After that is off to pick up some friends from the airport!  
Tomorrow is an exciting day since Nick and I get to go to mini high school reunion for me.  My old group of friends is getting together and it will be fun to see them, meet significant others and see where everyone is in life!!!  Time flies quickly, I can't believe 2008 is coming to an end!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas time is here!

Yea, for Christmas time!!  Nick and I are finally on break from school and loving our time off!!!  We have a jam packed Christmas break!  This past weekend we went to the annual Christmas party at Kurt and Kellie's house.  We posted some of the pictures from that fun night!  This past Sunday the 21st we went to a hockey game with the Sowas and then to Christmas lights lane in Rancho Cucamonga for our annual tradition of looking at Christmas lights!  We of course had our favorite holiday starbucks drink with us: chai eggnog latte, quite amazing!  For Christmas Eve we will be with Nicks family, and then onto my side for Christmas day!  On the 26th we will head up to Mammoth to snowboard for a few days with some friends!!  We will bring in the New Year with our annual trip to the Rose Parade!  Nick celebrates #25 on January 4th, and then it is back to work for him!!  I will have one more week off before going back to school!
God is so good and merciful to us and what a wonderful reminder we have this season of celebrating the birth of His son into our world to save and redeem us.  Jesus truly is the reason for this season!  Nick and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as we begin a new year!