Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back to School!

Well, the last time I wrote on this I talked about how excited we were for summer to happen.  Since summer feels like it is long gone about now, I thought I should update our blog!  
Summer was wonderful.  Nick and I traveled a ton!  We went to Reno for club volleyball.  We traveled up to Big Bear and stayed at an amazing Bed and Breakfast called Gold Mountain Manor for our one year anniversary.  We traveled to Colorado for Katie and Andy's beautiful wedding and then motorhomed it with my (Jenny's Parents) for almost two weeks!!  We traveled to Bass Lake with Nick's family for a week and had a great time lounging on rafts by the dock and hanging out with family.  We also were down in Valley Center for one weekend in August for Brooke and Charlie's wedding, which was absolutely beautiful!  All in all it was a great summer!!!
The exciting news of the fall is that I (Jenny) got a teaching job!!  I am teaching 7th grade World History at Magnolia Science Academy in Reseda.  It is about 30 miles from us, and the commute is probably the biggest bummer.  Morning traffic is fine, in the afternoon it takes somewhere between 45 min. to an hour to get home.  The kids are great, I love my classroom, and the program is really impressive.  Many of the students come from lower income families, and by the time they graduate (it is 6th-12th grade) they are UC ready!!  
Nick started his third year teaching at Azusa high school and is still teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra intervention along with AVID this year.  He is enjoying his students and his new class where he gets to help middle of the road students to excel in high school.  
We started going to Cornerstone church in Glendora and are really loving it.  We started attending the newly married sunday school class there, and feel very welcomed and connected there as well.  
Big news for us right now, is we are trying to save, save, save to buy a house eventually!  As to where we are not completely sure yet, possibly Santa Clarita, but we are waiting to see where the Lord leads us.  
Nick and I are doing great and we can't believe we have been married over one year now.  We are doing great and excited for this time in our lives where we are both teaching and enjoying living life together.