Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost done with grad school, and teaching!  We are sooo very excited!:)  I can't believe summer is almost here.  I have 3 night classes left and then she will have her credential!  I am almost done with my student teaching.   Nick is just about done with his second year teaching math at Azusa high school.  We have been married almost 11 months now!  wow how time flies. 
This summer will prove busy!  Lots of weddings: Jon and Victorya, Katie and Andy, Matt and Elaine, and Brooke and Charlie!  So excited for all of them!  We are traveling to Reno at the end of June for vball, we come back celebrate our one year and then off to Colorado for Katie and Andy's wedding.  We are motorhoming it with the Bricks (Jenny's parents) and will be gone for about 10 days!  We come back from that and are off the next weekend to Bass Lake with Nicks family for the annual vacation.  
It will be busy busy busy, but we cannot wait!  We are so excited to relax!:)  Hope everyone had a nice memorial day weekend.  We were housesitting, and coaching my 12s two day tournament.