Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Patey!

Hearing the heartbeat, seeing it suck its thumb, seeing baby's mouth moving to drink amniotic fluid.  These are some of the amazing moments of seeing our baby thus far!  Here are a few pictures!


I have needed to post about this for some time now!  Nick and I are expecting our first baby!  Baby Patey is due May 27, 2011!!  We are so excited for this blessing God has given us!  Here are a few pictures of my first 3 pictures so far!  One month, two months, and three months.  At this point I am 15 weeks along!  That means baby Patey is the size of a large orange!  So cute and sweet:)  We find out the gender in a few short weeks, and can't wait to see whether baby is a boy or girl!

This last picture is how I look today at 15 weeks!  Crazy how time is flying!