Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our first apartment

As I look around our packed up apartment, so many thoughts run through my head. This place holds a special spot in our hearts. This was mine and Nicks first home together. We came back here on our wedding night to an apartment filled with candles and roses. We bought our first furniture and got to decorate exactly as I wanted it! We had our parents, grandparents and friends over for dinner to see our "home". We celebrated birthdays here! We had people over and packed out our apartment, and walked to watch the Rose Parade. This place holds a ton of memories of our first 2 years of marriage! I can't believe how fast time flies! God is soo good, and we are blessed to have had such a wonderful place to call home for our first two years as man and wife. It is sad to leave, but there are exciting things ahead to look forward to! Nick's job out in Santa Clarita means that when we get home from India we will begin to house hunt in finding a new place to settle down some roots in! It is an exciting adventure to partake on, and we look forward to establishing a new home and making new memories that we will store in our hearts as well.
I know this is kind of sappy but we will always hold a special place for Pasadena in our hearts:)

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