Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BIG Life changes!!

WOW!!  Where do I begin with all that is going on!!???   Nick and I found out that he got hired to teach math at Golden Valley High School in Santa Clarita next year!  Praise the Lord!!!  Nick and I are very excited, but are incredibly overwhelmed, because we have sooooo much to do!!  We are going to pack everything up and move everything out of our apartment into storage while we are gone in India.  That will save us a lot of money, and allow us to prepare to hopefully buy a house once we return from India!!  
I just started packing up like 8 boxes tonight, and I feel like I barely made a dent!!!   Needless to say we have 2 1/2 weeks to get all that done, while at the same time Nick is transitioning to a new job, finishing up school with Azusa, me finishing up with MSA, and all the while getting ready to spend 6 weeks in India!!  Crazy, but also very very exciting.  Please keep us in your prayers over these next few weeks.  
I can't believe summer is almost here, I am just about done with my first year teaching!  Wow, it has flown by!!  and best of all...I survived it!!!  I am excited to get year 2 under my belt now:)  Officially today I completed year 1 of my BTSA program and had everything signed off by the head guy at the district office!  That was very exciting!!
Nick and I had so much good news this week we decided to hit up the melting pot tonight for a splurge on some great food!  We had a wonderful time!  I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks of living in Pasadena, although I am incredibly excited to move to Santa Clarita, this was mine and Nicks first apartment together, and it holds so many special memories:) will be hard to say good-bye.
PS If I didn't make it sound as though we are busy or anything, our good friend Tim is getting married to Nena this weekend, and Nick is in the weddding!!  We are so happy for them to begin their lives as a married couple.  Good times!  
I will try to blog once more before we leave for India, hopefully by that time our apartment will be completely packed up!

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Mark said...

You guys are finally coming back to Santa Clarita where you belong? And there is much rejoicing!

(Of course, we never did meet up in Pasadena, did we?)