Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting the dress wet!

So I need to mention the new picture we have for our blog page.  After one year of marriage Nick and I decided to get dressed up again, me literally in my wedding dress and go to Castaic lake and get my dress WET!  Nick's brother Chris (who is an amazing professional photographer) graciously took our pictures for us.  We had a fun time, and ended up with some really sweet shots.  I am going to post our favorites, not including the big one that you see as soon as you click on our page!  It was a fun memory and the dress is fine, don't worry ladies I did not ruin it:)
***comment and tell us 
 which picture you like best for us to blow up to put in our bedroom!!


edan0889 said...

Just stumbled onto your blog... cool pictures. In pusuit of holiness: me too. Have a nice life.

Mark said...

I kinda like that first picture best. Okay, my fav is the banner at the top.

Jenna said...

Love these pics!
It was so good to see you at the Christmas Party. Im so happy to hear you are enjoying teaching! Youll have to come up when I come back for a visit!! Keep in touch :)