Thursday, February 7, 2008


So the new stuff in life lately...I started student teaching this week, and my master teacher is awesome!!  I am very excited to be working with her!:)  The idea of being in a class all day every day for the next 4 months with no paycheck is not that appealing, but I am excited about how much knowledge I will gain from this experience! The other new thing is the hair!  Short, and much darker!  Nick loves it and I do to so that is kind of fun!  We went snowboarding last friday!  It was so much fun to have some us time, we went with Kurt and Kellie and had a great time (minus all the times I fell:))  We checked out a church with our neighbors last Sunday and were so welcomed there, it was great!  It is called L.A. church of Christ, and it seemed very right on about so many things.  The only thing we had questions about was the view of the church on baptism.  
Other than all this, we are busy busy!  Last night we went to Tony Romas and has some HUGE ribs!  wow they were so good!  We also did something called dream dinners, and if there are any girls out there, check this out, it is amazing and you will love it!! It is called dream dinners  they have amazing meals that are all portioned out and you go put it together and freeze it.  You then have dinners already prepped that only need to be cooked to have an amazing meal!!  I definitely recommend it!  That is it for the Patey update!

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