Monday, September 13, 2010

APU alumni game

This past weekend, APU had its first alumni volleyball game! I am going on close to 5 years of being out of college volleyball! I cant believe how time has flown! It was a great opportunity to see old friends and get together and play once again. It felt like we had never left each other! It brought back so many memories of daily practices and games, and the team unity that was such a great part of college volleyball. It made me really miss the days I spent playing college volleyball at APU. After our alumni game we watch APU play and beat Westmont and then had an alumni dinner with past and present players. I loved listening to the coach of the 1980 team that won the national championship. She had such a heart for athletics, but also for God first in everything the ladies stood for as athletes. It inspired me, and made me want to play college volleyball again! Overall it was a great experience, and I hope that we don't wait 5 more years before our next alumni game!

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