Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're back!

Hey everyone! It's been a loong while since I have updated our blog. We have been in India the past six weeks, and it was difficult to get time to sit down and think about what I would want to blog about our experience. Let me tell you that it was a challenging, amazing, and blessing of an experience. God stretched us and challenged us. The schools are amazing, the children are amazing, and the people are amazing! The food, and the climate...not so much. The joy of the Lord is shown all over the faces of the people you meet there. It makes me wonder what people see when they see me. Do they see a reflection of Christ? It makes me think about what I am living for. Coming back has been wonderful to see our family and friends whom we missed so very much while gone. The transition back to our culture will be somewhat difficult. America tends to be such a materialistic culture, and now that we have been somewhere else in the world that just does not focus so much on possessions, it is difficult to come back and figure out how we want to live in our culture. There is so much to process through right now, in the midst of going through jet lag.
In the midst of coming home, there is a lot going on. We are living with Nick's family right now as we begin the process of looking for a house! Very exciting, and already feeling a little stressful at times. Nick is starting a new job at Golden Valley High School. It is strange to be home, but not really home anymore. Our apartment in Pasadena is gone, and all of our things are in storage. It is strange to have picked up and now live in a completely different city. Most of Nick's family lives here which is awesome, and it will be good to spend some more time with many of them.
I will try to keep our blog updated more with all the things going on in life right now. Hope everyone is well!

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