Saturday, January 12, 2008

Recent activity of the Patey's

I thought it might be a good time to post a new blog since I finally have a working computer again.  We love Mac but our computers have pooped out on us recently.  I had to actually send my in for repairs, Nick's needs repairs and we both needed new battery chargers.  Thank the Lord my parents gave Nick an external hard drive for his birthday.  We listened to Apple's warning and backed up almost everything on my computer.  When I got my computer back, nothing was on it!  They had replaced everything I had with a new operating system.  
Nick and I are hanging out in Orange County for the weekend, because my 12 year old team plays in Oceanside tomorrow!  That will be quite a drive to be there by 7 am.  We are enjoying coaching for Impact though!  Today we watched Pursuit of Happyness.  I thought it was a beautiful movie, and I was touched by the story of what one man would do for himself and his family.  If you have not seen it, you should!  We both highly recommend it.  
I am officially registered to begin classes again at APU on February 4th, and at the moment I am not looking forward to starting classes again.  It must be done though, so I will put in my time so that I can finally get my credential!  
Nick and I enjoyed going to Santa Monica with some friends last night and had some great Italian food and watched some street performances.  There were 2 new things I had not experienced.  I had not watched a street performance before, nor had I been in one before.  Yes, I got pulled in to play the white girl, and our friend elaine got pulled in to play the mexican girl.  It was a one man show with a funny yet at times abrasive black man.  Part of his street performance was showing how white people, black people, asian people and mexican dance.  When it was my turn to dance with him we did high fives back and forth and basically skipped in place and pretty much looked like a dork, but yes I did dance in front of 50 or more people...and I don't dance!
There are a few new things that happened in the lives of the Patey's this past week, I am sure there will be many more to come!

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